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After School Detentions | submitted by MikeHunt

                 I generally don’t give a shit about school.  I’m always late, I’m failing most of my classes and I have a pretty bad attitude.  So when I was called in for an after school meeting by one of my teachers, I wasn’t very surprised.  The teacher that called me in, however was the woman I had a secret crush on.  When I got there, I was a little confused to see another student present.  Some scantily clad hot chick with her leg over the desk.  Mrs. Stevens wasted no time in telling me her concerns.  As usual, I wasn’t phased and was a little pissed as I felt that she was wasting my time.  After she announced that I might be expelled, I became pretty worried.  I had too much to lose.  I was so nervous that I blurted that I’d do anything for her not to expel me.  The hot chick in pink raised her eyebrow and licked her lips.  I looked over at my teacher to find her expression filled with intrigue.  They told me to stand up, which I immediately did.  I turned around at their command and felt their gaze all over my body.  Much to my surprise, they told me to remove my shirt.  I wasn’t hesitant, but I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be expelled.  I could feel my dick twitching in my boxers.  Pointing at my jeans Mrs. Stevens ordered, “Pull off your pants.”  Obediently, I slid my jeans down and tossed them to the side.   “Is that enough?  Enough for me not to get expelled though, right?”  I asked, trying not to get an erection that’d embarrass me.  “I think you should start uh… playing with yourself a bit…”   Mrs. Stevens stated.   I grabbed my thick cock and started stroking for both of them.   There was a ledge behind me that I leaned on so I could jerk a little more comfortably.    Mrs. Steven’s slender fingers traced along my thighs as I stroked while the hot chick played with her wet pussy.  “Mrs. Stevens is it okay if I help our friend Justin a little bit?”  the hot chick asked.  “Sure why not. “  She replied. The hot chick was immediately on her knees in front of me giving me a handjob while Mrs. Stevens watched.  It wasn’t long before Mrs. Stevens herself joined in on the fun and soon both of them were using their fingers and hands all over my rock hard shaft. It was too good,  I couldn’t help but cum all over the hot chick’s plump breasts. “That’s a good boy, Justin.  I don’t think we’re gonna expel you at this point.  I will see you at class tomorrow.”  Mrs. Stevens said with a coy smile.  Needless to say, I was VERY pleased.


Getting Busted | Submitted By ForbiddenRose

                 Here’s a little CFNM story I experienced.  I am a cop and I’ve been on the force for about 5 years. I work in a police station in a quiet small town and usually things are reasonably peaceful. Except for one night, we had this guy in there that had been peddling drugs in town.  We had been interrogating him for some time, we knew he had a stash of drugs but we didn’t know where. He wasn’t cracking and we knew we had to be firm.  We told him we needed to cavity searches to make sure he wasn’t hiding anything from us. We made him strip down and started inspecting his balls, cock and ass. After we were done we locked him back in the cell butt ass naked and left him there for a while, to think about things.  We came back 20 – 30 minutes later along with a cup. We told him we were going to give him a drug test and that if he passed we’d let him go. We knew he wouldn’t. He protested, telling us that he didn’t need to pee but we knew that we could take a sample of his semen, and that we would find certain protein abnormalities in his sperm that would indicate he had been taking drugs.  We instructed him to poke his dick through the bars, and took turns jerking off his dick. The whole time we were teasing him, we knew he wanted more but wouldn’t get it.  Eventually he got close to coming, so my partner grabbed the cup and the guy we were interrogating shot his load in to the cup.